Energy, Materials, Water, Agriculture, Supply chain

Enhancing the communities where we operate

When it comes to being good stewards, our approach is to do good wherever we can, minimize our impact on the environment and leave the smallest footprint possible. We achieve this by working closely with our team members, our suppliers and partners to achieve the best environmental results possible.

At Visser Farms, we engage in progressive land and water use practices to ensure the land remains environmentally responsible for generations to come. Sustainable farming is also efficient farming. Sustainable practices such as proper crop rotation, modern tillage and cultivation techniques, and well managed applications of water, pesticides and herbicides to decrease production costs, increase yields and produce high quality potatoes.

In our packing warehouse, we utilize energy efficient lighting and equipment and have designed our facilities with special emphasis on efficiency, automating produce handling and packaging processes. We feel sustainability is an integral part of a successful and profitable business – that’s why sustainability and good stewardship is a priority for us.