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P.E.I. potato growers more optimistic for 2021 season

P.E.I. potato growers say they're optimistic for the 2021 season, after the roller-coaster ride of 2020, which included the COVID-19 pandemic, and a hot, dry summer that cut into yields. 


P.E.I. potato farmers turning to wide variety of cover crops, survey says

A survey by the P.E.I. Potato Board found a growing number of potato farmers in the province turning to a wide variety of cover crops to improve their soil and reduce erosion, and even generate some cash along the way


7 things to know about P.E.I.'s 'new' potatoes

New potatoes are a veggie lover's early-summer dream — the tender little spuds, some around the size of golf balls, others the size of a crabapple, melt in your mouth when steamed, buttered and lightly seasoned. Heaven. And they're now popping up at roadside stands across P.E.I.