What are some handling and storing tips for PEI Potatoes?

Handle Prince Edward Island Potatoes gently. Remember, like other fruits and vegetables, they are perishable. Potatoes seem hardy and indestructible but they bruise easily if dropped or when something heavy is placed on them.

When you bring potatoes home, take them out of the plastic bag and put them in a paper bag. This protects them from light and lets them breathe.

Store potatoes in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area at temperatures between 7-10 degrees C (45-50 degrees F). Your kitchen cupboard may be much too warm; an outside wall or dark closet elsewhere in your home will be cooler and more suitable for storing potatoes. Never refrigerate potatoes unless they are "New" potatoes. Cold temperatures can cause dark spots and an unpleasant, sweet flavour when cooked, while warm temperatures encourage sprouting, shriveling and loss of nutrients and moisture.

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